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The Rainbow Wrap (formerly Pedi Wrap) keeps arms and legs out of harm’s way while sharp instruments are in use.  It is meant to be used with a Rainbow Board, which is ordered separately.

Everything about it has been designed for the needs of a dental office. The breathable mesh avoids overheating that often accompanies patient agitation. An opening in the wrap allows you to conveniently use monitoring devices. The wrap has a friendly look, so it is better accepted by patients and parents. But it doesn’t stop there. Our wraps (RWI, RWS, RWM, RWL, RWXL and RWXXL) are made of a moisture-resistant, washable fabric - so even laundering is made simple.

Important: The Stabilizing System is meant to be used during professional dental procedures. It is not intended for patient transport. It is the clinician’s responsibility to assure the appropriateness of any medical device for a given patient. Be sure to understand any applicable regulations regarding the use of protective stabilization. 

Never leave patient unattended.

Click here for help choosing a wrap size.

All wrap sizes come with a safety belt to go around the patient and the chair, wristlets, a fabric panel to keep lint from attaching to the VELCRO closures in the laundry, and a nylon storage bag.  The larger sizes (Medium and up) also come with an easily cleaned knee belt.

Please choose size wrap.  And remember to order the board and other accessories depending on the needs of your practice.

Click here to see the Rainbow Board.

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