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NOTE:  The "THICK" version of our Mouth Rests are on BACKORDER until some time in  December.  You may place an order and we will ship as soon as we can, or you might take a look at our REUSABLE Mouth Props, found here: 

Please note that we are also in short supply on the regular mouth rests.  Although they are still for sale, we must limit the quantity purchased for any customer to 2 bags of 50.  As soon as the raw materials are shipped to us, we will catch up on both varieties as quickly as we can.  Thank you for understanding.

The Open Wide Mouth Rest is helpful for those who won't cooperate or who lack motor control to keep the mouth open. It is made from special foam with a rigid core to add stability. It is sturdy enough to resist biting pressure, but has enough “give” to be comfortable for the person receiving care. The regular thickness (OWD) is appropriate for most patients. The "thick" version (OWDT) has 40% more foam for those with more aggressive biting pressure.

As useful as the Open Wide Mouth Rest is in the office, it is even more useful for parents working with under-cooperative patients in the home environment. The same mouth rest you use for the appointment can be cleaned and sent home (once the caregiver has received instruction from you) for daily oral hygiene.

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