About Us

 From Design to Delivery, We Help You Care for Your Special Patients

Specialized Care Co., Inc. is located in the seacoast town of Hampton NH, about an hour north of Boston.  We design and manufacture products to make dental care safer and more comfortable for children and people with special health-care needs.

The company was founded in 1991 by Carolyn Fetter, who had previously been employed as a Dental Professional Manager with the health-care giant Johnson & Johnson. She was inspired by dentists serving patients with behavioral issues - whether frightened first-timers or people with limited ability to understand. Specialized Care Company began creating products to make patients' experiences less daunting, and outcomes a little better.

Today, Specialized Care offers a wide array of products specially designed for dentistry. The product line has expanded to include patient stabilizing systems, positioners, pillows, cushions and booster seats - all designed to enhance comfort and safety during a dental visit. The company also introduced the unique Surround® toothbrush with 3 bristle pads to clean all surfaces of the teeth at once – a feature particularly appreciated when the cared-for person does not cooperate for toothbrushing.

Our products are designed with the help of dental professionals, always keeping in mind the challenges faced in-office and at-home by the patient with behavioral limitations. We innovate with purpose, and we encourage our customers to let us know about their unique needs, and how we might develop products to help YOU help that special patient.



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