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If you are making a presentation on the topic of dentistry for patients who are behaviorally challenged, we may be able to help. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY SO WE MAY BE IN THE BEST POSITION TO SUPPORT YOUR EFFORTS.

We can often provide digital images, brochures or "show and tell" samples of certain products. We ask that you give us at least 3 weeks notice. We help where we can, but also ask your understanding in that we sometimes are not able to provide what you may need, or perhaps not in the time frame that works for you.

Please create an account specifically for this request. You may use an existing account if ALL of the information for this request (shipping address, best email and phone) are identical to that on the existing account. Otherwise, please create a new one so we can be sure we are communicating and shipping in a way that best supports your presentation requirements.

When you have completed the information on the form below, please press the ADD TO CART button (upper right) to submit your request. Thank you, and good luck with your preparations!

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