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The Open Wide Mouth Rest is helpful for those who won't cooperate or who lack motor control to keep the mouth open. It is made from special foam with a rigid core to add stability. It is sturdy enough to resist biting pressure, but has enough “give” to be comfortable for the person receiving care. The regular thickness mouth rest (OWD) is sturdy enough for most people. The "thick" version (OWDT) has 40% more foam for those with more aggressive biting pressure.

Both the regular and the thick versions will sometimes be available in "seconds" quality, in packages of 50 only.  These are our standard, dense foam mouth rests with minor imperfections such as pinholes or slight discoloration - nothing that interferes with the product's functionality.  There is a built in discount of about 24% off the regular price.  Seconds are shown only when inventory is available.  For our full line of mouth rests, please click here.


  • $51.00

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