MOLINI Mouth Opener



The Molini Mouth Opener is a great option for oral access when patients are uncooperative, bedridden, or have poor muscle control. The tapered end acts as a wedge to help guide the mouth open when teeth are clenched, and the trim design allows greater visibility of the oral environment. The handle has a bulbous end with a secure grip to prevent slipping.

This latest mouth support in our line of products is made from a hard autoclavable plastic and has a tapered end for better insertion. It is ideal when the patient will not or cannot open the mouth. The Molini Mouth Opener was developed in conjunction with a technique where the clinician simultaneously stabilizes the patient's head and the Molini tool, as shown in the video, with the appropriate points of support intra and extra orally. However it can also be used for cheek or tongue retraction and as a standard bite block.

  • $24.00

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