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Do you use a mouth prop for patients who have difficulty keeping the mouth open reliably? Those same patients are the ones most likely to attempt to dislodge the prop. Our unique Open Wide Wraparound (OWR) mouth prop allows the clinician to maintain control with a handle that wraps to the outside of the cheek so it will not block oral access. The mouth prop is designed with a perfectly placed hole to keep a saliva ejector in place. The prop is made of plastic that is over-molded with a crush-resistant latex-free material.

NOTE: The Small size Wraparound mouth props are not available in any of the size configurations, and there are a limited number of the Large size. We are hoping this is a short-term issue.  We had to change our fabricator due to some issues with COVID-19 production slowdowns in production facility that we have used for many years.  It will take some time to get our new production facility up to speed.  Stay tuned for more precise timing estimates, or call us if you'd like to chat.  

The Medium mouth props ARE available, as are all sizes of the Tab style.  

The Open Wide Tab (OWT) mouth prop is streamlined for procedures that need greater clearance. It has a hole in the tab to allow floss to be threaded for easy retrieval.

Both styles can be autoclaved repeatedly without getting “gummy.”

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