Head Support for Wheelchairs



When it’s best for the patient to remain in her own chair during dental treatment, the Stay N Place Head  and Neck Rest provides support for the patient as her head is tilted back. The result is that dental care can be safely delivered without transferring the patient.

The Stay N Place Head and Neck Rest is positioned behind the patient and held in place with straps secured to the chair. The bottom of the device can be brought forward - away from the back of the chair - to achieve more of an angle.

This low-tech device is a real multi-tasker. It can be used for in-office as well as off-site care. All of the pillows can be repositioned for patient comfort, and any of the pillows can be removed as needed. It may be cleaned with the same disinfectant used for vinyl-covered dental chairs. Wipe dry.

  • $208.00

Dark Teal

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