Chair Cushion for Infants and Toddlers



An over-sized dental chair can feel insecure for patients under the age of two, and it can cause you to bend and twist in order to provide treatment. Our Stay N Place Chair Cushion for Infants creates a safe, cozy lift for the patient, presents a professional image for parents, and helps you maintain better posture.

The chair cushion is like a bean bag, with soft foam inside. Air escapes through side vents as the child is placed upon it. This settles the cushion into the curves of the dental chair while securely nestling the baby.

Designed for dentistry, Stay N Place Chair Cushions have a soft, durable vinyl cover that is easily cleaned. It has a non-slip bottom, and comes with a safety belt for added security.

This video shows how the Stay N Place Chair Cushions for Infants and Toddlers makes the dental chair more accommodating for the youngest patients:


  • $98.00

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