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The Rainbow Boards provide the foundation for the stabilizing system, and are used in conjunction with Rainbow Wraps for any surgical or dental procedures that need the patient to remain still for safety. All board sizes are available in a Straight version and sizes Medium and Large are also available in a Hinged version. The Hinged version bends with the dental chair and allows the patient to be moved to an upright position quickly, which is helpful should the patient have a medical emergency during a procedure. This is an important distinction versus the Papoose Board or the Joey Board.

Please choose Hinged or Straight, Size, and choose color vinyl - Dark Teal or Cream.

Important: The Stabilizing System is meant to be used during professional dental procedures. It is not intended for patient transport. It is the clinician’s responsibility to assure the appropriateness of any medical device for a given patient. Be sure to understand any applicable regulations regarding the use of protective stabilization. 

Never leave patient unattended.

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  • $138.00

Dark Teal

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