D-Termined Program for patients with autism



The D-Termined Program of Familiarization and Sequential Tasking helps dentists accommodate patients with autism. Dr. David Tesini uses actual patient visits to demonstrate how he helps a majority of patients learn cooperation skills, while not losing track of time and cost limitations.

The program got its name from Dr. Tesini's statement that he was "determined" to find a way to accommodate patients with autism into his regular practice setting in such a way that they would learn the skills they need to experience a lifetime of successful dental visits.

In the newly revised edition, the D-Termined Program (DTP) provides clarification and updated techniques based on 10 years of clinical use. 

This is a 2-part video presentation that is downloaded to your computer after purchase, via an emailed link.  If you prefer a physical DVD, please contact us.


  • $18.00

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