Disposable Barrier Drape



New! Rainbow® Disposable Barrier Drape helps prevent aerosols from contaminating the Rainbow Wrap.

When patients need extra support to ensure safe dental delivery, the Rainbow® Stabilizing System is an excellent choice. In the COVID-19 environment, however, it may be a challenge to have the necessary equipment available, due to additional time needed to follow recommended infection control protocol.

The New! Rainbow® Disposable Barrier Drape is the answer. The 31” x 36” size assures ample coverage for the stabilizing system and your patient, and comes with a single-use bib holder that attaches with easy, peel and stick tabs.

Our Disposable Barrier Drape is comprised of a 30-35 gsm polypropylene spunbond with film backing of 20-30 gsm polyethylene.  Together, these 2 layers provide excellent moisture resistance - similar to isolation gown material.

Use of the Barrier Drape minimizes frequency of wrap laundering. Disposal of the Barrier Drape after use means less handling of potentially contaminated laundry, lower costs, and more efficient room turnover.  Available in a pack of 20 drapes with peel n stick bib holders for $19.95.

  • $19.95

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