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Questions about Toothbrushes

I used to be able to order toothbrushes in large quantities. What happened?

What is the difference between the Regular Surround® toothbrush and the Toddler version ?

Questions about Mouth Rests

What is the Open Wide® Mouth Rest Used For?

What is the difference between the Open Wide® Regular Mouth Rest and the Open Wide® Thick Mouth Rest?

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We appreciate your patience!

We have made progress on our supply issue for the upholstered products. We are starting to stock up, and have made it possible to order online again. However, we are not fully stocked on a an item-by-item basis. There may be a delay in shipping. If your order is time-sensitive, please call us at 800-722-7375 or email using the button below.

If you need assistance, please email info@specializedcare.com