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Many professionals use the knee-to-knee technique for infant oral exams. The Stay N Place Lap Cushion makes the exam more secure for the baby, more comfortable for the adults and more hygienic for all. The cushion is held under the patient as he is tilted into the lap of the professional, thus increasing the baby’s sense of protection. The dentist has proper access for the exam, and the caregiver is assured. Parents appreciate the cushy feel and the secure side rails. Clean with a disinfecting wipe and soft cloth. Wipe dry

The SP-FLEX is 24 in. long x 17 in. wide and is good for infants up to about 18 months.

The "seconds" choice is available at times (usually in small  numbers), and has minor visual imperfections that will not affect the functionality of the cushion.  If you see an option to purchase seconds, that means we have it in stock.  We take it down when not available.

  • $104.00


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