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Many professionals use the knee-to-knee technique for infant oral exams. The Stay N Place® Lap Cushion makes the exam more secure for the baby, more comfortable for the adults and more hygienic for all. The cushion is held under the patient as he is tilted into the lap of the professional, thus increasing the baby’s sense of protection. The dentist has proper access for the exam, and the caregiver is assured. Parents appreciate the cushy feel and the secure side rails. Clean with a disinfecting wipe and soft cloth. Wipe dry

The SP-FLEX is 24" long x 17" wide and is good for infants up to about 18 months.

Our machine occasionally puts out a product that has some aesthetic flaws. It could be the coloration is "off" or maybe there are small defects...nothing that interferes with the functionality of the unit.  We've decided to make the best of these available as "seconds" at a 25% reduced price.  They are not always available, but if they are and if budget is an issue for you, it could be a good choice for you.  If you aren't pleased with it, you can always return it and purchase the full-price item.  Please select "first" or "second" quality as you add to the cart.

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