Discontinued Stabilizing Wraps



Note: The discontinued version of the Rainbow® Wrap is constructed using all teal mesh (newer models have teal mesh on the patient side, and a solid purple fabric on the side that goes under the board). 

The Rainbow Wrap keeps arms and legs out of harm’s way while sharp instruments are in use.  It is used with a Rainbow Board (and optionally a Head Stabilizer), which are ordered separately.  Together, the board, wrap and head stabilizer help to keep a patient safe during surgical or dental procedures.

The breathable mesh of our Rainbow Wrap avoids overheating that often accompanies patient agitation. An opening in the wrap allows you to conveniently use monitoring devices. The wrap has a friendly look, so it is better accepted by patients and parents. Our wraps are made of a moisture-resistant, washable fabric - so even laundering is made simple.

All wraps come with wristlets, a fabric panel to keep lint from attaching to the VELCRO closures in the laundry, a safety belt to go around the patient and the chair, and a nylon storage bag.  Only those discontinued sizes with inventory available are shown.  For our current model and all size options, please click here.

Here is a link to a chart to help assess sizing.

  • $172.00


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