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Whether you are treating a very young child, or an older person with behavioral limitations, an unavoidable reality is that some patients may become unexpectedly active during a procedure. Since dentistry involves the use of sharp instruments in a small, highly vascularized area, you owe it to your patients and to your practice to use appropriate safety equipment.

The Rainbow Stabilizing System is a state-of-the-art protective device consisting of a colorful, breathable mesh wrap and vinyl-covered, padded board to increase acceptance by both patient and caregiver.

This page shows Rainbow Board and Rainbow Wrap combinations for faster ordering. Boards, wraps and accessories can also be purchased as separate items.

Not sure what size to buy? Click here for a Size Recommendation Chart.

Note: We do not currently have boards in the dark teal vinyl.  You may place your order, and we should be able to ship by the end of October.  Other options are to choose cream vinyl, if that works for you.  We also have the option of a custom-made board in light teal vinyl or a lightly textured bluish-green. Orders for these latter two colors must be called in, and we will need about a week's turnaround time.  The cost is the same for all colors.



  • $264.00

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Dark Teal

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